What is Takt Time?

Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Takt Time theory and practice are revealed here. It is a simple calculation but is the base of the Lean. Read now this Takt Time multimedial guide.

This is the longest and most detailed article on the Takt Time

you can find on the web.

You will find Video, Exercises and Tools to completely

understand what is Takt Time.

Ready? Go!

Let us start with the mathematical formula:


Takt Time = Time you have / Piece to produce in that time


The formula is very simple and this lead to 2 common pitfalls:

  • Pitfall 1 - You think to have deeply understood how to use it
  • Pitfall 2 - You consider the Takt Time not so important.

  • Warning!

    The Takt Time is one of the first steps of the Lean Journey!

    If you do not understand it into details you can risk a big fail!


I think now you have understood that Takt Time has to be taken seriously.


If yes, let us start with a very easy quiz for Takt Time calculation.

A company of chairs has to produce 1000 chairs in 5 working days.

Every working day is of 420 minutes.

What is the Takt Time for the company?

A) 420 minutes

B) 2.1 minutes

C) 2.38 minutes

Wrong Answer –> Try Again.


420 minute * 5 Days = 2100 minutes

2100 minutes / 1000 chairs = 2,1 minutes 

Wrong Answer –> Try Again.

Were you right at the first shot? Try again.

A company of cars has to produce 2000 cars in 20 working days.

Every working day is of 420 minutes.

What is the Takt Time for the company?

A) 4.2 minutes

B) 42 minutes

C) 420 minutes


420 minute * 20 Days = 8400 minutes

8400 minutes / 2000 cars = 4,2 minutes 

Wrong Answer –> Try Again.

Wrong Answer –> Try Again.

After this quiz, I would like to share with you

other 3 resources that will help you to stick in mind the formula.

Start from that and then I will explain to you why and how to use the Takt Time.

3 Resources for Takt Time Calculation

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Why use the Takt Time?

To explain why to use the Takt Time I will propose you a video.

This video is one of the best I found for you on this subject.

Moreover, it explains even the difference between:


  • Takt Time
  • Cycle Time
  • Lead Time

It is a little bit long but is

a must see video.



I think you have understood how to calculate Takt and how to use it!

It is very simple when you have dedicate machines and one piece flow.

But, to have a real benefit you should be

able to use it in a more complex situation:

  • The operation is in batch.

    Commonly ovens, paintings etc.

  • More than one value stream in one operation.

    Product A and Product B go into a single machine.

  • More machines for one operation.

    Product A can be done on two machines in parallell.

  • A mix of the previous situations.

For each of the three situations, I have prepared for you some exercises.

You can download, print and study.

It helps to understand.

Use them as building blocks of the situation you are facing.


you will be prepared to evaluate the Yamazumi Chart.

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Other Posts on Takt Time

Here I would like to address you to some posts

I found high quality about Takt Time.


In his blog, the Prof. Roser explains:

How to determine Takt Time

  • Why do we need Takt Time
  • How to calculate the customer Takt
  • and more ...

In another post, he gives us the warning to avoid the pitfalls of Takt Time.

Here an image and the link of the

Lean Enterprise Institute on the Takt Time.



  • Takt Time is a simple formula

    It is just a ratio.

  • Has to be deeply understood

    If you go fast on that you can risk a big failure.

  • Focus on complex situation

    To calculate Takt in a complex situation has to be addressed carefully.