Runners, Repeaters and Strangers.

In this video, you will discoverĀ a metaphor to remember Runners, Repeaters and Strangers.

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Runners, Repeaters, and Strangers - The RRS principle.

A runner is a product having sufficient volume to justify dedicated facilities or manufacturing cells.

A repeater is a product with intermediate volume, where dedicated facilities are not justifiable. Repeaters should be scheduled at regular slots.

A stranger is a product or family with a low or intermittent volume. They have the lowest priority.

Here a powerful metaphor to remember!

Runners are the heartbeat that goes on all the time.

Repeaters are like the breakfast, the lunch, and the dinner.

Strangers are like a dinner out with the friend.

Remember it to develop the same habit in your company.

The best way to be Lean is starting from Runners!