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The power of simulation. Learn to save time and money in your company.

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in this post I will explain you how I saved 50k$

and weeks of work by simulation.

Are you ready?

I work in an automotive company.

I was entitled to design a new warehouse.

Do you know my experience in that?


Where to start?

I started from internet by looking in Google.

I found a lot of software to simulate on the PC.

I spent a lot of time in conversation with software suppliers.

Once I decided the software, I asked for a quotation.


for the software, the licences, the training
and the learning curve I estimated 50 k$.


I went to my boss after 1 month of work alone
in my room with no proposal and a request of money!

Do you think my boss was happy?

Not at all.


The new approach.



I was forced to reinvent the approach and
surfing on the internet I found this video.




this video really changed my mind.

It was a game changer to me.

I decided to involve the people that
in the future should work there.

What do you think they told?

"I am happy that someone asked me how
 to improve my work"
"I have a lot of ideas I would like to
 tell you"
"Togheter we can find the best solution"


despite my thoughts I found a positive mood
and I started do some interview to understand
more about the work of warehouse.

After a couple of weeks,

we decided to create a team to design
to “magic warehouse”.

I shared with the team the
14 principles of toyota and we started to work.


The Simulation



but where is the simulation?

As I saw in the video of GE we started to create
in scale all the objects that we were supposed to use
in the warehouse.

we built
– Boxes
– Forklift
– Tables
– People
– Computer
– Printer
– Desks
– Chairs

and much more.

Than we started to simulate all
the flows:

– Information
– Materials
– People

Was it strange?

Sure it was.

We felt ourself strange and unconfortable.


believe or not we solved on this “table game” a lot
of possible problems without spending 1$.

What happened next?

We where all aligned on what we wanted to do.

Made this the difference?


Because was not my solution but
the solution of everyone involved in the process.

Was easy to convince the boss that the layout
agreed was the best.

I was able to have a lot of help from everybody.


we did the last simulation with a 1:1 scale with boxes.

was great, we refined and designed the workplace in
a very detailed way both worker and company satisfaction.

a WIN WIN solution.


3 months after the simulation the warehouse
is in place and everybody are happy.


some unexpected problem arose,


because was a team choice nobody blame
other and we are trying to solve it.

Can you imagine what if I was in
my office with a software designing the
warehouse alone?

Without asking people?

Do you think the end of the story
will be the same?





If you are facing something similar, remember:

1) Involve the people that work in the process
2) Define the scope
3) Do simulations as much as you can

You will see the difference.

LeanLab Staff.