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The 8 Rules of Kanban.

The basic rules for a successful KANBAN experience.


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  • The 8 Rules of Kanban
    The 8 Rules of Kanban

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The rules of KANBAN

The 8 rules to use KANBAN

Rule 1) Downstream operation come to withdraw parts from upstream operation

Rule 2) Make only the exact quantity indicated in the KANBAN

Rule 3) Demands are placed on upstream operations by means of cards or other signals

Rule 4) Only active parts are allowed at the workplace. Active parts should have specific locations

Rule 5) Authorisation to produce is only by card (or signal) only

Rule 6) Each KANBAN card circulates between a particular pair of workstation only

Rule 7) Quality at Source is a requirement. Only good items are sent downstream

Rule 8) The goal is to reduce the number of KANBAN as problems decrease

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