Mistake Proofing - Poka Yoke

Is it always an expensive system?


Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Mistake proofing is one of the tool to have no defects in a very fast and effective way. In this article one example of Mistake Proofing is showed.

Fabio Camplone

Fabio Camplone is EMEA LEAN Product Supply Leader in Kimberly Clark.

He is leading the LEAN deployment in 18 Mills in 12 different Countries.

Eight years ago, he got in touch with LEAN Philosophy.

Since that, he discovered a real passion for Continuous Improvement.

He is eager to apply LEAN concept both at work and in everyday life.


Following an example of personal Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing) to fix a personal issue he had few weeks ago

I am always interested in Problem Solving


everything I can do to put in place effective countermeasures

to stop the root causes.

Lean Thinking, is really a Philosophy,


I try to apply it every moment there’s a need, also with my family.

A Lean Family Story


Some weeks ago,

I was working from home


I agreed with my wife to take my son at school


then to bring him at basketball training;

I prepared the basketball backpack in the morning


set at an alarm clock at the time to leave home.


It was a very busy working day

with several teleconferences one after the other,


when the alarm clock was turned on,

I rushed away without taking the backpack.

I discovered it after I did few kilometers by car,


I was able to go back and pick it up.

I cannot deny it was very stressing and frustrating:


How was possible I teach colleagues how to avoid limit/eliminate the 8 types of Waste and I generated in few minutes Motion and Waiting Waste in my personal life about the person I care more in the world?


Bonus here! - The video on 8 wastes.

A tip to remember them forever


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Thinking About Countermeasures

The day after,

I started to think about this forgetfulness:

I certainly did not on purpose,


I arrived quite quickly to the root cause of not adequate standard

of the preparation of the materials needed for the basketball training.

Made clear the root cause,

it was important to think about a simple system to block the cause:

Poka Yoke (ポカヨケ) - Mistake Proofing

came to my mind.

Definition of it from Wikipedia

a Japanese term invented by Industrial Engineer in Toyota, Shigeo Shingo, to indicate a mistake-proof tool in the automotive area.

Every time we talk in our Company about Poka Yoke - Mistake Proofing,

we instinctively think about something very expensive,

probably because its origin comes from automotive industry.

In my case,

I started to put in place something as simple as possible at zero cost.

Mistake Proofing Example 1

Sharing this simple example,

with some colleagues.

I quickly received very good feedbacks to improve it more.

The last countermeasure

(not a solution as Sensei Pascal Dennis taught me)

is still zero cost and is now allowing me to not forget any more backpack

for basketball, key car, etc…

in summary

all the important pieces I need

to take with me avoiding to create Waste

also in very busy days.


In summary,

is Poka Yoke-Mistake Proofing always expensive system?

Not at all!


Fabio Camplone

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