How to implement a Kanban System - Step by Step.

We will teach you our proven method to implement it!

Looking for ways to enhance your effectiveness and that of your team is a great way to maximize productivity.

Yet, reading about best practices isn't the same as putting them to practice.

That's why we want to show you a step-by-step procedure on how Kanban
can help you identify opportunities to enhance efficiency.


and learn how you can successfully implement Kanban in your business process or life.

Who we are

We are a group of engineers with a vast experience in Kanban implementation.
We will teach you our proven method to successfully implement Kanban.

...Not just theory but real experience!

This Kanban e-book course has 5 modules, and is specially put together to guide you on the best ways to consistently develop your Kanban system to considerably enhance your service delivery.


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Module 1 - What is Kanban and why use it.

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Not only that...

Each of the modules comes with real life examples of KANBAN in action.

You will learn from the book…

The fundamental Kanban principles and how easily you can improve your productivity
and that of your team members using Kanban boards;

How to identify and resolve hindrances to workflow;

How to take measurements and develop meaningful metric that
will aid your team for improved efficiency among others.

Who can benefit from this Kanban e-mail course?


Engineering Students

Young Engineers in industry

Quality Manager

Operation Manager

Lean practitioners

and generally who are looking to transform and deliver more effectively including those who desire to acquire a deeper knowledge of the advantages of implementing Kanban to their current workflows.


How Do I Get and learn the Course?

After your payment is confirmed,
5 modules will be sent to you via e-mail every 15 days,
with precise tasks to be accomplished including the exact phrases to use
to influence managers and employees to embrace the implementation.

Your Learning Outcome

Incorporate known empirical strategies to gain a better footing with viable progress;

Compile Kanban techniques to maintain and scale
evolutionary accomplishments in your business;

Practical methods to applying Kanban to projects in your business;

Various forms of team Kanban board and how you can select the right kanban board.

How much does it cost?

This course is available for €47.

With this price off,
we will teach you with proven methodology everything you need to know to improve your service delivery

What if I'm not satisfied?

We offer 30 days money back question asked!

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Here the title of the modules with all the answers you will find.

Module 1 - What is and why use Kanban. Results and Benefits.

You will find answers to this questions:

How is Kanban effective before and after the implementation?
How to smooth a production line by using a Kanban System?
Where can I learn the best practice and see an example of Kanban?

Module 2 - Management, Employees, and HR are not interested in Kanban.

You will find answers to this questions:

What are the main barriers during the Kanban Implementation?
What if management is not interested in Kanban?
How to influence top management to implement Kanban?

Module 3 - Kanban Implementation Roadmap.

You will find answers to this questions:

How to implement the Kanban System correctly?
How to train employees to trust the Kanban System?
Can will kanban be implemented in small scale industry?

Module 4 - How to calculate the reorder point and the optimum number of Kanban.

You will find answers to this questions:

How is Kanban quantity calculated in high mix/low volume environment (and others)?
How to define the good number of Kanban to optimize the stock?
How to confirm/calculate the reorder point for Kanban?

Module 5 - How to sustain Kanban. Who does what?

You will find answers to this questions:

Who is responsible for updating Kanban Circles?
How ensure that Kanban initiative will keep on going?
Role and Responsibility in the Kanban System?



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We will teach you in our 5 mail course with proven methodology and
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In addition to the course, we will create for you a space where you can be in touch with other people
that are following the course and exchange experiences, anticipate problems and be successful.

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