Lean Production explained to a friend

How Luis sells worldwide by "Lean Production".

I was in a pub.

Luis invited me to have a beer together.

During the evening he told:

" Mark, I want to open a new company and I would like to
run the business by Lean Production."
I know you are an expert, how it works the Lean Production?"

In the next rows what I said to him and how my advice
helped him to sell worldwide.

Ready ...


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A long evening speaking about Lean.

We spent 2-3 hours that evening and the discussion
is still on (after 8 years).

Time to time we have a conversation and exchange ideas on
new tools, techniques, and opportunities related to Lean.


the key point number 1 is:

Lean Production is a never end journey!


the second piece of advice I gave him was...

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Lean Production is about people, not tools.

LeanLab Staff

I have to be honest with you ...

I took this advice from Shingo.




The real goal of a Lean Company is to
have every single employee the every day
wake up thinking:

"How can I do my work better?"

This concept is very well explained in the book of Ballè:




this does not mean that you have not to know the tools,

you have to know the tools


you need to transform the company:

Old way

Someone thinks and someone works

New company

everybody thinks and works

In other words, you have to transform

from vertical company to horizontal company.

All this with the aim of eliminating wastes and hence costs.


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Do you like to waste? Lean Production advantages.

  • Do you like to waste time in a queue in the bank?
  • Do you like to waste money buying, not necessary things?
  • Do you like to waste food?


I think the answer is:



in your real life, you are already a Lean Thinker.

The goal is to bring this mood in the company.

To create a sense of belonging the will help
to have a natural mood to the waste elimination.

Once this mood is set,

there are a lot of benefits for:

  1. The Company
  2. The Employees
  3. The Environment

a process with less waste is more productive and I am quite
sure with less energy consumption and garbage.

Why is important the history of "Lean Production"

During the dinner,

I started to speak about the fathers of Lean as:

  • Taiichi Ohno
  • William Edwards Deming
  • Shigeo Shingo

    To know the history is useful
    to understand

the Lean Production Principles and even
to be inspired and inspire the others.

There is something fascinating in this
industrial story and you can use this
to engage the others.


it is important to see what the others did and
is doing with Lean.

The double-digit results are not commercial.

Believe me,

The industrial world is going in that direction,
if you will not follow the lean production methods there
is a big risk for you to stay behind.

We collected for you a Lean Manufacturing Video collection
where you can find a lot of videos that shows the results of Lean.

Here there is one to see:
Toyota Lean Production


Where to start practically with the Lean Transformation?

I know what are you thinking.

Beautiful words.

Where to start?

What I suggested Luis to start was with the

5S Methodology or with our other website: WhatIsLean.org

It is a way to start immediately,

get results and instill positive mood.

Really needs 5 minutes a day (every day).

Here a page you want a great 5S PPT


as step by step guide you can refer to the following infographic.




look at the following video more and more.

This is the video I love the most for the Lean Production definition implemented step by step.

Lean Management - The 5 Steps >>


Luis started with 5S and Kanban System to manage the warehouse.


asked for just in time to its suppliers.


everyday challenge the company to do better and
find the best way to serve the customer.


they start to follow projects and innovation by a Kanban Board.

His company sells microscopes worldwide and his business
grow and grow every year in a never ending Lean Journey.

If you want to do as Luis go to our

Lean Manufacturing Video - Section


Lean Production Video - Playlist

to start to understand the many aspects of a Lean Production Journey.

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