Lean Production Training: Where to Start?

Hey! It is not a one-week training.

Lean Production Traning is like to learn English, you cannot do in few days and you have to practice every day.

Based on that: Where to start the Lean Production Training?

# 1 – Start From the need

If you have to cut your weight are you going to study maths?

Are you?

I do not believe so.

It is the same with Lean Production.

What is the problem?

  • Quality
  • Inventory
  • Delivery
  • Engagement

Start to assess your problems, then the right Lean Tool is on the shelf.

Train yourself and the employee about the Lean Tool you need.


the best Lean Production Training is by trying and doing.

# 2 – Lean Production Examples

In order to inspire yourself and the team, you could easily find Lean Production examples on the internet. By looking at these examples you can train effectively and at very low cost.

My suggestion is to use videos.

Here an example …

The biggest Lean Manufacturing Video Collection with real examples is here:


# 3 – Lean Production Training Videos

On the other side, you could train about the Lean Basic by using videos, too.

There are a lot of videos on the internet you can use to train on Lean Basic.

Even for this point, I want to suggest you one example:

I think it should be clear the difference between:

  • Videos of Lean Real Examples
  • Videos for Training

You have to use them by considering the scope and the audience.

I want to reveal you something.

I use the Lean Real Example Video when I want to inspire and the Lean Production Training Video when I want to train in an engaging way.

# 4 – Hire a Lean Production Expert

Does it cost money?


Worth the money?

Yes! If you choose the good one.

Here there is a great video that explains why to hire a great sensei.

See now.

The feeling when you hire a sensei is that you could learn by yourself.

Why I have to pay him?

My question for you is:

You can cook by yourself, why you need to a restaurant?

I think it is the same.

You need someone that is better than you in cooking (Lean) and accelerate the change and the learning.

# 5 – Work Hard every day


improvement cannot be delegated … full stop!


I am sure that you have in your mind some personal example where you learned more by doing rather than reading.

Is not it?

The same is for the Lean Production.

and so on.

Do you agree?


The Internet is full of training about Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt, White Belt etc.

My suggestion for you is to invest the right time to focus on your problems, then having a training to understand the Lean Tools Basics and finally hire a good Sensei.

Then, work hard every day to improve your company and do not forget that people are the key of the Lean Journey.

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