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Lean Management - Boss vs Leader
Lean Management - 14 Principles of the Toyota way

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Lean Manufacturing Video Basics


Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF This is the best collection of video on Lean Manufacturing. We spend hours on the web to select for you the best Lean Manufacturing Video.

New on Lean? Looking at these video you will understand the basics in minutes.

Lean Management - Boss vs Leader

Are you Boss or Leader? Discover in this video.

Lean Production. The Lean Guide by LeanLab.

7 Wastes of Lean

7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing. Remember forever with TIM WOOD.

The 5 Steps to Lean Management. Worth to see!

What is Lean Manufacturing

Our summary of Toyota Production System. See now.

8 Wastes of Lean

8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing. Reduce the DOWN TIME.

Lean Thinking explained by this consultant.

Lean Manufacturing - 10 questions to be hired.

10 Questions you have to know the answer to be hired in Lean Manufacturing.


Value Stream Mapping. 7 Tips to be successful.

30% time savings! It is one benefit of Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing Basics Video

Lean Manufacturing basics in less than 2 minutes.

What is Lean Manufacturing

What is Lean ManufacturingAnother point of view.

5S Methodology

Here a set of video with examples and tips for a successful 5S methodology implementation.

5S Methodology - Takes Photo

5S - Tips for photos to a successful implementation.

5S - A whiteboard explaination and tips

5S Methodology - Takes Photo

5S - Tips for photos to a successful implementation.

This man is crazy for Lean Production!

The Fastcap company is leaded by a man who is crazy for lean production. A lot of examples are showed in this video.

An effective Lean Manager has to be at the shopfloor.

Even a Kitchen can be Lean oriented. See the example.

This man show his company. A lot of examples of Lean Production.

Lean Thinking

Inspirational video to understand the Lean Thinking.

Lean Management - 14 Principles of the Toyota way

Our most seen video. The 14 principles of Toyota Way.

Lean Management - Better Leader

Learn how to manage people and be a better leader.

Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking from Toyota's Manager and Ohno

"Lean Management" can be applied in every field.

The Lean Thinking starts with why. TED talk of Simon Sinek.


Lean Management the 5 Rules of Deming

14 Principles of Toyota Way - Slideshow.

Lean Management and Creativity

Lean Management and Creativity from a post of Tim Brown

Lean Management and Steve Jobs

8 Rules Steve Jobs gave for a successful business.

9 Sayings of Ohno - Slideshow.


The system to establish the pull system in the company and limit the WIP.

Lean Manufacturing Kanban

This video explain the basics of the Kanban System.

Kanban System the 8 Rules

The 8 Rules of Kanban explained here.

What is Inventory Management

10 Steps to Reduce Inventory. A proved method explained.

Electronic Kanban Amazon

An example of Electronic Kanbab by Amazon.

Takt Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time

These videos helps to understand Takt Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time and how they are related.

The cashier's metaphor. The best way to remember Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead Time.

Difference between Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead Time

One piece flow vs Batch Flow explained in this video.

Cycle Time, Lead Time and Efficiency

A real example of Lead Time reduction and true efficiency.

What is TPM explained in this video.

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Lean Production in "Big Companies"

See how the biggest companies in the world get results by Lean.

An airplane in line. The biggest revolution in Boeing.

World Class Manufacturing in Ariston Thermo.

Lean Manufacturing in GE. Worth to see.

World Class Manufacturing in Fiat Chrysler Automobile.

Philips explains with numbers the success of Lean Application.

Sulzer - An excellent day.

Sulzer - An excellent Day.

One factory of ABB that won a price for Lean Manufacturing.

Harley Davidson - From Failure to World Class by Lean!

TED Talks on Lean!

Bill Peterson give his point of view on the Lean applied in our life.

Why work does not happen at work. No standard is the killer!

Lean Manufacturing Acceleration

Kotter explain how to win as organization in fast changing world.

Multiply your time

How to Multiply your time. A successful technique.

Lean Manufacturing Book Summary

7 Habit for Effective People

The 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey - Animated book review

Start with why by Simon Sinek - Animated Book Review

The Lean Manufacturing Startup

The Lean Startup - Animated Book Review

12 Things Succesful People Do

12 Thinks People Do before breakfast. A book of Laura Vanderkam.