# Lean Management, Visual Management

Lean Management: My experience with boards.

The board is not an option! If well done

Here I will tell you my experiences with the board to control the production. I will tell you both the bad and the good experiences. In this way you will save time when you will start with the board.

When I started with my lean experience in 2002 the boss told to the company said: “We have to do the board!” Suddenly they bought a lot of costly board.

I was puzzled about that.

Then they located this boards in some point of the company and they really do not told us which was the sense of the locations.

Finally, they asked us to fill this board with data.

But who cares about these data?


starting from this unsuccessfull experience I would like to list of advices.

If you read carefully you will save a lot of time:


  • Start with why.

Ask yourself and team why we need this board. It useful for us?




  • Locate it in a significant point.

At the bottleneck, where there are quality problems and so on.



  • Involve the right people.

You do not need people that cannot give real contribution.



  • Be Visual.

You have to understand immediately how is the situation.



  • Challenge the team.

Challenge the team to reach highest results.



If you use the board to align the people to a unique goal you will have extraordinary results.

Here there is a video on Lean Management by Board I relly suggest you to see.

Have a good work!