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Lean Management and Steve Jobs.

8 Rules for success by Steve Jobs with some Lean Integrations.

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Lean Management and Steve Jobs

We think that Steve Jobs was a Lean Thinker.

Here some rules he said for success.

We apply this rules in our Lean Journey
and we are able to involve people.

Here the rules.

Rule 1) Do not live a limited life - Challenge your ideas.

Rule 2) Have Passion - Do not do Lean, be Lean.

Rule 3) Design for yourself - If you like it they will like it.

Rule 4) Do not sell crap - Sell real value.

Rule 5) Build a great team.

Rule 6) Do not do it for money. Do it to be Leaner.

Rule 7) Be proud of your products.

Rule 8) Build around customer - Internal and external

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