Lean Bundle 2018

Great Material for your training!

See the Videos Below to deeply understand the Lean Bundle Content.


# 25 Whiteboard Video to use for your meeting and training session.

# Video Course made by playlist of the best videos

# Kanban Course in 5 PDF's

# Morning Meeting e-book

#1 Content (25 Whiteboard Videos)

You will have 25 videos to download. Normally they use to introduce a "Lean Lesson" or a meeting in a an engaging and stunning way.

#2 Content (Lean Video Course)

This is a course made by 85 video grouped in 8 chapters. They are videos from Youtube and other sources. Very well organized and easy to share.

#3 Content (Kanban Course in 5 PDF)

A 5 week training course with a real experience of KANBAN implementation. Tips and exact phrase to use to a successful implementation.

#4 Content (Morning Meeting e-Book)

A great e-book written by very expert people. This e-book will give you all the info and tips for a successful morning meeting implementation.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents.

  • 25 Whiteboard Videos
  • 85 Lean Videos organized in 8 Chapters
  • 5 PDF's with proven method for KANBAN Implementation
  • 1 Great E-book with the secrets of the Morning Meeting Revealed

Great job with the video, showed it to a couple people that also liked it.
A simple presentation that is easy to understand. Keep up the good work.


“The animated videos are the best way I have found to expertly and concisely explain the value of applying Lean – great content, thanks”


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