Lean Audit

Audit are necessary but sometimes annoying. In this page, I will reveal you how to set a Lean Audit to improve your industry.

Lean Audit – How to do it?

Lean Audit

Have you to do the Lean Audit?


Is it easy?


No excuse!

It is a pillar!

In this page, I will explain you the concept

of a Lean Audit and howdo it in an effective way.



Let’s start with the difference between

Conventional vs Lean Audit.

Coventinal Audit

The (Bad) conventional audit.

I have a lot of experience in audit.

Both as audited and as an auditor.

And you?

I will tell you what I saw in years


how many waste the companies did with

the “(bad) conventional audit”.

The ingredients of a “bad” audit:

  • An auditor “policeman”

    This kind of auditor has the approach of a “police inspector” looking for crimes.

  • Audit preparation “last minute”

    The tendency to prepare the audit as “show” and not as a normal way of doing.

  • Already Known “Audited Area”

    If you know the area to be audited you will work just there.


How many of these ingredients do you have?

Let’s look to a “good” Lean Audit.


Lean Audit Small

The (Good) Lean Audit.

After years I understood that

the fruitful audit has total different ingredients.

Here for you!

  • An auditor “willing to help”

    This kind of auditor has the approach of interviewing people, process and area by proposing them solutions.

  • Daily audit by “5S Lean Audit Checklist”

    Every area should have the “culture” of 5S Methodology and audit themselves everyday.

  • All the company to be audited

    You cannot say your child has a clean room by auditing just one drawer.

I know what are you thinking.

How I can audit all the company?

It is not easy at all!

The keywords are:

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Method

To be clearer,

I report some real conversation I heard

in real life.

A conversation during a Bad Audit.

I found that the seal control is not carried out with the appropriate equipment.


You are right. Could be not appropriate but we control.

Area Supervisor

Yes, but according to xyz / 2, paragraph 4, you would have had to fill the 4d5r / 3 form in triple copy and send it to the quality.

Then you should stop the line until the inspectors would not detect the anomaly and did the corrective action .


Excuse me, but we produce 1000 refrigerator a day, I do not know this form, we have not the time ...

Area Supervisor

There are no excuses, you are required to know the rules.

I will make a report and you have to be in the rules immediately .


Excuse me again.

But I asked via e-mail to purchase the right tool for checking months ago and I have not an answer yet.

Area Supervisor

You have to operate following the rules.

I will make a report.


Morale of the story:

The auditor made a report.

Planned a check after 6 months and in the meantime, the seal was not controlled with the proper equipment.

After 5 1/2 months before the inspection, the appropriate equipment was bought.

  • The problem was not solved.
  • The root cause was not investigated.
  • There was a big risk of defects for more than 5 months.
  • Bad atmosphere, too.

A conversation during a Lean Audit.

I found that the seal control is not carried out with the appropriate equipment.


You are right. Could be not appropriate but we control.

Area Supervisor

When you realized that the equipment was no longer functioning,

have you reported to the competent departments?


More than once, by phone, by mail, in person ...

Area Supervisor


You did not use the proper way,

however, the support departments would have to give you an answer.

Now we call quality and verify that the control you are doing now is valid.


with the emergency procedure, it will be provided with the appropriate equipment.


Finally, someone who gives me a hand.

Area Supervisor

Morale of the story:

The auditor called the quality to check if the control was OK.


He follows the activity to provide the Area Supervisor the correct tools.

  • The problem was solved.
  • The root cause was investigated.
  • Low risk of defects for few days.
  • Good atmosphere, too.

Very well LeanLab Staff!


how to do it?

Continue reading and you will discover.

Lean Audit Success

Leader Standard Work

The best way to do a Lean Audit

There is a great book named,



Where the author states

the 4 principal element of the Lean Management.

  1. Leader Standard Work
  2. Visual Controls
  3. Daily Accountability Process
  4. Leadership Discipline

In the Leadership Standard Work there is the Lean Auditing, too



in this book is suggested to create a Leader Standard Work with

lean internal audit or lean audit checklist that has to be performed.


I will suggest you the frequency and possible content of the Lean Audit/Checklist



there is BONUS VIDEO for you to better understand.

You can see here other Lean Manufacturing Video.




each of the people above has to have his/her

checklist with the topic to treat with the frequency proposed.

Which are the most difficult parts?

  1. Insert the right questions in the checklist
  2. Be regular in the audit

The common excuse is:

"I have no time for this"

How to solve it?

If you are the change agent of your

company you have to lead by example,

be regular and help the others to do it.


Do you want an help to be regular

in your Lean Audit?

Subscribe our "Lean Mail Reminder" for free.

We will send you mails to remind to perform the audit!

Try now!

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Here we prepared for you (with Excelean) a

Lean Audit Checklist you can do

to get familiar with the concept by using the document.

If you do it you learn it!

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