# Lean Management

How to implement Lean Production: Why, Where and 2 Essential Lean Tools

First and foremost, it is not easy to explain in one post how to implement the Lean Production.

I will give you here my path and the steps I will follow if I were a business owner.

# 1 – Why Lean?

To answer this question, with some friend we created this video with the aim to answer you.

# 2 – Starts were it counts.

Let me say one thing.

If you have a restaurant with many customers and some of them come many times in a month spending a lot of money, do you think they are like all the other customers?

Believe me,

The customers are not everyone equal.

Even if they tell you that you have to treat them in the same way, to me is not true!

All this to tell you that you have to start your Lean Journey from the customer that pays you the bill.

Do not start with a Lean Production Plan that wants to embrace all your business.

Start with the SKU’s that cover the 70-80% of your profits.

Is it clear?

Lean starts from the SKU’s and customer that counts.

If some minor customer is not happy is understandable, and if they leave you will survive 🙂

# 3 – Lean is based on people and mindset.

006 - 5 Why's

When I was a young engineer, I was puzzled about best tools to use to implement Lean Production.

They said to me to use Value Stream Map, Takt Time, 5S methodology, etc. etc.

Do you know what?

The did not tell me the 2 tools you need in reality.

All the Lean Tools I mentioned are useful but believe me, the 2 tools you cannot miss in your pockets are:

  • Daily Morning Meeting
  • 5 Why’s Analysis

The involvement of people is the KEY!

Here there is one of the videos I love the most on “How to implement Lean Production.”

This Lean Video is a Step by Step guide to follow.

# Conclusion

  1. To understand how to implement Lean Production, you have to understand why.
  2. Then, you have to start with the major customer.
  3. Finally, you have to involve people by Daily Morning Meeting and by teaching them to ask why.