# Visual Management

I am a Lean Thinker … but fatty!

I have the passion for the Lean,

but I tent to be fatty.


I decided to use the Lean Tools to try

to start a diet and be Leaner.

  • Step N°1 - Set the goal

    I decided to set the goal.

    Just 3 days without any sugar, fat or other things like that.

  • Step n°2 - Put the goal in visual place.

    So I decided to put a simple sheet with 3 numbers on the fridge.

    Every day I see it even if I would not.




you can see the simple visual I created.


Visual Management



what happened then?


  • Step N°3 - Set a color code for success

    I decided to put in green the day I was successful and

    in red the day I was not.


The idea to have 3 green in row really helped me to resist to the tentation.

When I was at work and tempted my thoughts went to the fridge and I resisted.


After 2 days this was the situation:


Visual Management Step 2


I was happy!

Very close to be successful.

The visual helped and motivate me to be successful.

Do you want to see if I was able to do 3 green in a row?



Visual Management Step 3




As you can see I am ready for a new challenge!

If you apply this method to:

  1. Your office
  2. Your cell
  3. Your shopfloor

You will motivate the team.


you will be not successful the first time,

but is the road to follow for the continuous improvement.

LeanLab Staff.