# Lean Strategy

How Zero Defects script can change your life


I am not an English native speaker.

And you?

I normally do extra work to write e-mails,
presentations and scripts in English.

So do you?

It is very annoying when I do a lot of work
and some “English native speaker” instead of
evaluate your job points out some typo.

Sound familiar?


if you read this post your experience
with written English will change dramatically and forever.

Ready? Go!


Tell us frankly,

if we note some typo in documents, we do not like it.

Do you agree?

On the other side, English is the universal
language worldwide for business.

We want to have success in our business,
we want to be paid more and be admired at work.

The reality is that we spend hours to
write documents and for 1-2 typos or grammar mistakes
we lose credibility and look less professional.

Let me tell you that I made a couple of videos
on Lean with English mistakes.

Here what she said about my video:

Bad Comment

Let me tell you.

It is not a good comment, and it hurt me.


I am not here to speak about a bad remark.

I am here to tell you how to avoid to write
a text with a typo … ANY MORE!

Surfing on the internet, I discovered


Grammarly Resume Banner

Grammarly is the world’s best automated proofreader
and writing enhancement tool.

With Grammarly,
you can be confident that your writing is flawless.

Here the video on how I use Grammarly.












I use it intensively for any text I write.

Integrated into:

- Google Chrome
- Gmail
- WordPress
- Facebook
- and much more.


starting using this great tool:

  1. I am removing all the typos from my blog.
  2. I am writing emails to readers in perfect English.
  3. I am writing new blog post easier to read.


have a sit ... the free account offers a lot of features.

Subscribe a Grammarly Free Account
start your "Zero Defect Script Experience" now.

It seems too simple? Yes, it is.


my life has changed.

I have more confidence in my work because I know that
there will be no more mistakes in my texts.

Do not wait!

I strongly suggest you to visit the Grammarly Website
and try it.

You will thank me forever.


PS: To improve my English I usually type in Notepad and then
I correct it with Grammarly.

Before: This text had 16 critical issue.
After: Zero Defects.