# 5S Method

How to save time in 5S.

In this post I will reveal you

how to save hours and hours during the

second “S” of the 5S – Set in Order.


Moreover, by reading this post you

will discover immediatly how to

understand if your leadership is Lean or not.

Are you ready?


Let us start from my experience…

When I started my first experience in 5S,

we spent a lot of time in the SORT (the first S).

We found a lot of junk and we moved that in the garbage.

5S Sort


After that we started with the second “S” (Set in order).

During this phase it is suggested to:

Give any thing a place and any place a thing.


Have you ever done it?

I think yes, even in your home.

What happens after 30 days?

There is a mess!

The reason is that the complete sentence has to be:

Give any thing a place and any place a thing + Label it!


we decided to label stuff and we did this process.

Look an then think your comment:

  1. Write the label on a sheet
  2. Go to the PC
  3. Open Word
  4. Type the label
  5. Print the label
  6. Collect the print
  7. Cut the right size with scissors
  8. Take Scotch
  9. Go back to place to label
  10. Label it
  11. Have a medium job done.

Normally the aspect of this label is very poor. 🙁

11 Steps and poor results. Very crazy process.


There was an event years later that

changed my life and Lean in the company.

Could you believe that?

With less than 200$ I changed my life.

Are you ready to discover?

I was able to buy a tool that moved the “set in order” phase

from a nightmare to a pleasure!


The process moved to:

  1. Write the label on the tool
  2. Stick the label
  3. Great Results.

3 Steps and great results!

Do you want to know this magic tool?

The tool is a Dymo Label.

But not a casual one …



By using this tool you will have:

  1. A good label.
  2. A big saving of time.
  3. No frustration during 5S.


beacuse 5S is an important phase of Lean Journey,

if you are annoyed during the “set in order”

probably you will fail!


listen to me!

Buy this tool and you will be at a good point!


The fastest test to understand

your leadership.


The test is:

Go to your leader and say:

“If you want me on Lean and 5S, I will

propose you to buy DYMO RHINO 5200 Hard Case Kit

Case 1:

The leader say immediatly YES!

This means he is a Lean Thinker!

Case 2:

The leader say immediatly NO!

He is not a Lean Thinker!


Are you a Lean Thinker?

Check Price and availability of DYMO RHINO 5200 Hard Case Kit – NOW!

Update 14 January 2015.

After a frutiful discussion on Linkedin,

our community told us that there is another way

to do labels in a “smarter” and new way.




Here what the users told:

Janto K. Janto K., Engineer

You can create your label by every mobile which is more fun. Additionally you can create a lot of codes, e.g. QR codes. Small pictures are possible as well.










Because we spoke about Lean Management I would like

to propose you to see one video:


The 5 Steps to Lean Management.

5 Steps for Lean Management