# Lean Management

How to Learn Lean Better and Faster.









In this post I will tell you my secret that lead me

to achieve incredible results in Lean and my career.

Why I am doing it?

I already reached my goals and I want:


  • Create value for you!



it is a very simple method 


you have to try and not be lazy!

If you want to be a Lean Thinker

you have to:


  • Challenge yourself
  • Challenge others to the best




are you ready to discover my secret?


My secret is:


Open now a blog on Lean Manufacturing!

I know what are you thinking ...

There are so many blogs!

You are right,

but I am going to list the benefits to have your own.

Let's start with a concept:


  • The Blog is a Log!

    In the log you have to write everything that has value for you.


in the very fast world of internet you can

freeze forever what is interesting for you.

Let us do an example.

You find an interesting article on Takt Time.

You want to keep for later.

Using my secret,

the article will be there for you:

  • Forever
  • Whenever you want
  • Wherever you are

In my opinion no other tool can do it.

Let me do another example.

You find an amazing video on Lean.

You can incorporate in the tool I suggested

without searching again in youtube.

Fast and efficient ... right?


at the end of the day you have your

personal cloud and whiteboard

where to stick all you think is interesting on Lean.


There are many other benefits!

You can tag the materials and read in base the subjects:

  • Lean Management
  • Takt Time
  • Kanban
  • 5S
  • etc.

You could find some friend or colleague to share

with and to have a common knowledge.


Here is the Kicker ...


Try to write down some post.

By writing posts the subjects will be more

stick in your mind and you will learn faster and better.

Believe me!

It works.

Here the best and fastest hosting

to open a blog in wordpress.

Try now.

Don't be lazy!

Web Hosting
Let me know if you are opening a blog.

If you want to test with a website. I will propose you this service.

I have used it and it is great.


I will help you!