# Yamazumi Chart

How to create a Yamazumi Chart Step by Step

Do you need to create a Yamazumi Chart Step by Step?

Then, I think this guide will help you a lot.



Yamazumi Chart Step by Step.

Firstly, I strongly suggest you, to read our page on Yamazumi Chart.

Then, follow this Step by Step guide.

# Step 1
Takt Time of a Value Stream

To make this guide easy let us imagine to have
one value stream with only one product.

Then, let us guess you already calculated the Takt Time.

TAKT TIME = 35 minutes

By using our software: Yamzumi Chart xls,

you can put this number in the field Takt Time and
obtaining the red bar.


In this case, the bar is red because it represents a limit.


I strongly suggest drawing a red line to set the visually the limit given by the Takt Time.



# Step 2
List the process steps and cycle time


you should already have the Value Stream Map of the product and the cycle time related to each step.

In other words, you should have a table like this:

Paint 1 = 30 min (Cycle Time)

Drying 1 = 20 min (Cycle Time)

Paint 2 = 30 min (Cycle Time)

Drying 2 = 15 min (Cycle Time)

Final Control = 10 min (Cycle Time)

Packing = 2 min (Cycle Time)

In general,

you should spend a lot of time on the shopfloor to validate that these numbers represent the reality. In other words, you have to stay at the Gemba and not on the PC.


you can put the numbers in the Yamazumi xls, and as a result you should have a diagram like the following:


# Step 3
Evaluate the Yamazumi Chart

The last step is the evaluation of what the diagram tells you.


you have to evaluate if there is any blue bar that overcomes the red one.

Is this the case of the Yamazumi below?

Yamazumi Chart Step by Step


Clearly, the answer is NO!

In this case,

you should not have any capacity problem, but this is true only if the numbers are correct.

In another post, I will treat the case of a Yamazumi Chart where you can find
the blue bar that overcomes the red line.


the other evaluation I normally do is that I have 2 processes not so far from the red line
and I have to be very careful about these processes.

In fact,

if any of those will go over 35 for any reason (i.e. Quality, Maintenance, etc.)
I could have a problem to respect the customer demand.

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To create a Yamazumi Chart Step by Step, it is not very difficult.

The point of attention you have to be careful are:


to ask yourself: “Have I calculated Takt Time Correctly?


are the times of the processes reliable?


there are any process very close to Takt Time?

To sum up, if you will follow this step by step guide you will quickly have the Yamazumi and a chart that will tell you the story at a glance.


in the next post, I will explain how to deal with a blue bar that exceeds the red line.

With this in mind, you could do an on line simulation by our Yamazumi On Line Calculator.


You can see the video how to use our software just by sharing!
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