Lean Manufacturing Resources.

The best "Lean material" selected for you!

Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF The best Lean Manufacturing Resources collected and suggested for you. Years of experience distilled for you in this list of Lean Manufacturing Resources.

In this page we put all the tools and information we used in the past 10 years to became a real Lean Thinker. We hope could be useful for you to learn faster, be hired or boost you carreer and reduce waste for you and your company.

The Lean Essential

Here the essential you must to know, read and watch. These resources we selected for you is the best we found for the beginners. Do not waste time and money. We have done the job for you.

Learn Faster on the WEB

Books are important. But the best is learn from experience. Why you don't avoid mistakes other did and start to do experience on the most important costumer ... you! Here the BONUS resources just with a share.


Let's go into details

The book to go into details of the tools.