Are you tired of the false start of

"Morning Meeting"?

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Morning Meeting every day.


How to have people engaged in the Morning Meeting?

For many years I have tried different ways to run the Morning Meetings.


Believe me ...


I was unsuccessful many many times ...


If you want to avoid the mistakes a lot of people normally do, I will suggest you to read this

e-book that is written by people that now is running effective and efficient morning meetings.


They had not engaged people the first time but after years of trials and experience they tuned a method that is written in this e-book.

How to discuss the right KPI's ?

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In this e-book you will follow the right path to have in the morning meeting the right KPI's to discuss.

Here the steps for success:

  • 1

    Introduction to Daily Accountability Meetings

  • 2

    Reasons Why they work

  • 3

    What are they?

  • 4

    Who should be assigned? (and how to engage)

  • 5

    Tools and Visual Aids

  • 6

    Performance metrics (KPIs)

  • 7

    How to implement

The Video I LOVE on Morning Meeting

Learn by these great videos I collected for you!

Morning Meeting Key Success Factor 1

Morning Meeting Key Success Factor 2

Morning Meeting Key Success Factor 3

A great collaboration!

This e-book was written by FLMLEAN and it represents a great collaboration about LEAN MANUFACTURING and LEAN OFFICE EXPERTS.

In total we have 40 years of experience in these topics!

Here the words of the writer ...

"As a manager, your are responsible for accomplishing the organization's goals and by doing so,
to manage the efforts of the organization's people.
An overwhelming task at times?

Certainly, unless you have the right tools. One of them is running morning meetings

This eBook - Daily Accountability Meetings, is intended
to provide you with a roadmap to understand and implement the morning meetings
from a continuous improvement perspective,
and aid in individual development as well as the culture to support it. 


Following the guidance of this eBook,
you should be able to see significant changes in terms of:

  • Problem solving
  • Visibility of results
  • Faster escalations and resolution.

It also helps to:


  • Align resources to current activities
  • Increase team work
  • Communication and engagement throughout all levels of the organization.

Daily Accountability Meetings?

Your key success factor toward the shared goals of your organization at team level!"



Buy Now the E-Book for

Successful Morning Meeting at 27€