About us

Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF Lean Manufacturing PDF is a website made by a team of Lean Thinker. Discover here who care of Lean Manufacturing PDF website.

Hi! My name is Mark.

I am the leader of this worldwide staff.

I am sick about lean and I decided to create this website:

Lean Manufacturing PDF

I am an engineer and the scope of this site is to

collect the best resources from the web and from my experience.

After collecting I love to share with you and

I will love you to contribute!

I am not alone in this journey and in the staff we have other friends.

My name is Laura!

Laura Silvoy is a Healthcare Systems Engineer with a

passion for improvement.

Her background in both

architecture and engineering

provides a unique blend of knowledge encompassing the built environment, improvement methodologies and technical analysis.

Here, Laura shares her own example of personal kanban board.

Hi! My name is Luis.

You could not believe ...

... I am an not an engineer.

My role in the project Lean Manufacturing PDF is to write posts.

I have a long experience in Logistics.

I write articles, checklist and PDF.

My name is Fabio!

Fabio Camplone is EMEA LEAN Product Supply Leader

in Kimberly Clark.

He is leading the LEAN deployment in 18 Mills in 12 different Countries.

Eight years ago, he got in touch with LEAN Philosophy. Since that, he discovered a real passion for Continuous Improvement. He is eager to apply LEAN concept both at work and in everyday life.

He wrote for you a Mistake Proofing in his everyday life.

Hi! My name is Harish.

Harish Jose has over 7 years experience in the medical devices field.

He is an ASQ member with multiple ASQ certifications including Quality Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt and Reliability Engineer. He has subject matter expertise in Lean, Data Science, Database Programming and industrial experiments.

I am Cindy!

My role here is to recruit writers!

If you are interested to join the group

write at:

[email protected]