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A quick interview to a reader.

This interview to let you know

how difficult could be the Lean Implemetation.


We asker to one of our reader to share her experience.


Thanks to Janneke.

Do you want to share your experience, too!

Write us.

* Question 1)
Do you use Lean in your daily work? Could you give us an example?
I don’t use lean as a whole system at work. Unfortunately, the organization I work with isn’t ready for that. Since I am not a top dog either, I cannot force it upon my colleagues.
What I do however, is making continuous improvement spread like an oil stain. I pick up processes (mine first), improve them and show others how much time they can free up. Time that they can use for their customers.
Next month, I have appointments with some colleagues to draw out their processes. I am very excited to see the results and what can be done to improve them.


* Question 2)
Which was your most remarkable success using Lean?

For now, I don’t have any remarkable success. I do hope that I will achieve something with my colleagues (see question 1).


* Question 3)
What do you like the most about our website?
It is very clean and informative.