5S Methodology Tips

See this video for a successful implemetation

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5S Methodology
Tips for successful implementation:

In this video I will explain the 5S method and tips

to be successful.

1 S - Sort

Remove from the workplace what you do not need and keep what you need.

Tip: Do yourself this question.

"Do I need this object every day in my work?"

If yes keep it, if no put aside with a red tag.

2 S - Set in Order

Give everything a place and a place for any object.

Tip: Classify this way

A) Hot objects - Used daily/weekly

B) Cold objects - Used monthly/rarely

Put the Hot objects in easiest places to reach, the Cold in the others.

3 S - Shine

Simply shine! Without excuses.

4 S - Standardize

Give a standard to mantain the workplace.

Tip: To create the standard use the RACI table. If you do not know the RACI table visit our website.

5 S - Sustain

Sustain the workplace by using the standard.

Tip: See the video 5 steps to Lean Management in our video section.

Use the method of the 5S as one of the starting point for your lean journey.

If you are not able to do the 5S probably you are very far from the Lean Enterprise.