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How I helped Luis to sell worldwide with Lean Production.

Just made a video on the benefits of the Yamazumi Chart.

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  • Start with the 5S!

    Here you can find the checklist to start with a successful 5S Lean program.

Start with the 4 Videos you cannot miss on Lean Manufacturing.


"Lean Management" can be applied in every field.

Lean Manufacturing Basics Video

Lean Manufacturing basics in less than 2 minutes.

The Lean Thinking starts with why. TED talk of Simon Sinek.

30% time savings! It is one benefit of Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Tool on the web.

Read the first and funny strips on Lean Production.

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  • ABC analysis

    Using this kind of analysis you can understand where it is useful to work to have a terrific inventory reduction. The ABC analysis is one of the pillars of the Lean Logistics.

  • Kanban System

    A tool to implement the “Just in Time” in the company. Easy to understand but hard to implement. The secrets explained here. How works the Kanban System.

  • Leveling - Heijunka

    Lean Production is based on waste reduction. You know about “Muda” but do not forget “Muri” and “Mura”. With the Leveling-Heijunka you can reduce these forgotten wastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do the Value Stream Mapping?

The golden rule is: "Do not use PC!". The value stream map is a tool to walk in the shopfloor with all the colleagues of quality, logistic, operation, technology etc. Use paper and pencil and follow the pieces ... you will be surprised.

Kanban System: How it works?

Start to understand how many pieces you use on the workstation. Let us guess 30 bolts a day. Then understand how long it takes to be replenished. Finally, calculate how many "signal" you need to communicate your supplier you need bolts ... without stopping the machine.

Has the Lean has to start with 5S Methodology?

The Lean start with the strong commitment of a cultural change! Then, the 5S is a basic tool to promote change. Highly recommended. Remember that the "S" are five and to have a significant result you have to strive for the last one that is sustain.

Which are the 7 wastes?

The seven wastes (MUDA) are the enemy to eliminate to create value. A tip to remember the 7 wastes is the acronyms TIMWOOD. Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Over-processing and Defects. They are important but do not forget MURI and MURA.

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